im gonna go lie down and watch steven universe more its actually pretty good

i like pearl a lot


i will regret most of this in ten minutes 


in case you can see this. 

youre a fucking bitch and you need to stop trying to talk to me at work


this is very vexing. 

ill ask sarah about it later.

she always knows what to do when it comes to things like 



bet he dont have strong personality game like me tho 


also yeah fuck you i think that dust thing was poetic but really i was lashing out because i felt hurt and betrayed.


yeah so uh.

fuck you tho.


now im gonna watch steven universe


most importantly i want to say thank you

thank you for being a terrible person 

so i can understand that i dont need terrible people in my life

that i dont need to be attached to people

that people are there to compliment the aesthetic around me.

that those who matter will latch onto me instead. 


i want to say im happy for you

but i also want to wish you every heart break youve ever condemned me to

i want your heart to shatter into thousands of pieces into the dust that scatters on the earth so you can be a part of every place i step on


how sad that you turned out to be a basic bitch

jaegerrbomb: ohhhh my god i feel your fucking pain dude - but we all have these reoccuring thoughts about that one person. in the long run theyre just a piece of shit when you have you have it better on your end

so suck but its only because its 4 am


i say these things to validate myself in my current state of being

i dont really mean these things

it’s only because it’s 4 am. 


lol shit now i remember that i dont care because you were pretty terrible anyways. 

your attitude and in bed skills. 


its my fault for caring about you

its my fault for thinking i mattered to you

and now i have someone who cares and now i have my friends with me

i learned so much

so why should i care about you.